Quran Memorization Program

“Tameer Educational and Welfare Trust, through its Madrasah Improvement Project, aims to help and enable those Madrasahs, its faculty and students that are located in or hail from the weaker and needy sections of the society. Tameer works towards the welfare and development of such Madrasahs by helping them with donations or fulfilling a particular need related to food, books, equipment, sanitation, etc. as and when they arise.

An initiative towards the welfare & development to uplift the Education Infrastructure of Madrasah Mahmoodia Talimul Quran located in Mallickpur Kolkata, our team “Abu Talha Jamal Qasmi” (General Secretary) along with Hafiz Shamsher Alam Sb recently visited. We spent a day there to understand every aspect and ascertain areas of improvement. Our team interacted with the principle of madrasah “Qari Saadiq Zafar Sb” and discussed a plan for the development project which included the following:

 Tameer/foundational construction work needed. (to improve sanitation, wudu area, lavatories, kitchens, etc.)
 Electrical wiring work, interior wall repairing, construction of cupboards for storage of books.
 Hiring and maintaining of the minimum required a number of teachers with a sufficient pay scale.
 Addition of required Islamic courses along with basic activities to launch.
 Other areas to be added as we go along implementing the above.


Madrasah Improvement Project